Extrusion Products Manufacturing Capabilities:

Precision Extruder with an accuracy of ± 0.02 mm for Balloon Tubing

Exclusively designed & Validated as per USFDA standard for processing of specialty polymers

Closed loop controller system which automatically control the screw rpm to achieve constant dimensions

The machine complies with 21CFR Part 11 regulation (Electronic Signature Validation)

Multiple purposes Machine used for coating as well as direct tubing.



Braided Tubes:

Braided Pitch per inch rates from 4 to 200PPI

Variable pitch rates

Spiral wrapped wire or mono-filament capabilities 16 carrier braids

Core Materials for Braided tube such as Poly Acetal, Teflon coated wire

Multiple layers of dissimilar materials

Layers thickness as thin as 50microns

Combinations of cut pieces and continuous lengths as per customer specifications



Non-Braided Tubes:

Single Lumen – OD size 0.5mm to 5mm

Double Lumen – OD 4Fr To 15 Fr

Triple Lumen – OD 4Fr To 15Fr

Combinations of cut pieces and continuous lengths as per Customer requirements



Using Materials for Braided/Non-Braided/Multi Lumen Tubes:

Nylon 12, Nylon 11 , Nylon 6

Poly Urethane, Pebax for different shore hardness


Radio-opaque Blends

Custom Resin Blends & colors

Stainless Steel Round wire/Flat wires, and mono-filament materials as per customer

Requirements for Braided Tubes