The SEM-EDAX (Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy) is capable of capturing ultra structural details of samples as images. SEM can magnify specimens up to 3,00,000 times

The surface features are best seen in Secondary Electron image while compositional and topographical images and also with Back Scatter Electron image

With the help of EDAX, both qualitative and quantitative microanalysis can be done. Elements from Boron to Uranium with a detection limit of 100 ppm can be analyzed

Relisys has qualified and trained personnel to carry out the study along with other scientists from the company

Samples from outside agencies are studied on prior appointment and payment basis only




Micro analysis: Detection range-Boron (5) to Uranium (92); Detection limit- 0 to 1%; Minimum area of analysis-1 mm dia x depth

Data presentation-SEM micrographs

EDAX micro analysis

X-ray spectrum tabular chart of elemental analysis in Wt % and At %

Failure analysis

Thin coating evaluations



Samples that can be analyzed

Rocks, minerals, fossils, ores, biological, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, polymer samples, etc. are suited for SEM / EDAX studies

Samples should be dry, clean and sized